Presqu’ile Vineyard

After an extensive search that spanned the West Coast of the United States, the Murphy family acquired an ideal unplanted 200-acre property in the hills of the Santa Maria Valley in 2007. Located sixteen miles from the Pacific Ocean, with the majestic San Rafael Mountains looming in the background, these ancient sand dunes were planted with an emphasis on diversity. 

To achieve this vision, the family mapped the site’s deep sandy soils, distinct airflows, patterns of sunlight patterns, hillside expositions and various elevations. With the insights derived from these measurements, the Murphys planted the vineyard in a way that maximized the diversity of row directions, spacing, clones, and rootstocks. To further augment the site’s diversity with older vines, Presqu’ile later acquired an adjacent 11-acre parcel of Clone 777 and 667 Pinot Noir vines planted in 2001. The resulting vineyard site is a winemaker’s dream, offering a treasure trove of individual blocks and sections that showcase a variety of unique terroirs and  microclimates.